Women Who Sleep Less Than Seven Hours – What Happen with Them?

Women Who Sleep Less Than Seven Hours – What Happen with Them?

| Women Who Sleep Less Than Seven Hours – What Happen With Them? |

WASHINGTON: Bones of women who sleep for less than seven hours become weak, which can lead to future fractures and fractures.

Well, the lack of sleep is harmful for everyone, but especially if women do not get enough sleep and maintain this attitude for many years, it gradually reduces the density of their bones and the quality of the bones in the front. It can cause osteoporosis.

According to a foreign news agency report, Heather Balcom, a professor of health at the University of Buffalo in New York, said that bad sleep affects health.

For this reason, especially women should get up to seven hours of normal sleep otherwise their bones may be affected as well as their mental health.

The research was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, which includes more than 11,000 women who had started the course of the Suns, that is, in the age group when women stopped menstruating.

Of those women who get five hours or less of sleep, their bones weaken at four points in their body, meaning bones can become soft due to loss of density; they may have weakened whole body, neck and spinal cord.

On the contrary, this tendency is not seen in women who sleep for at least seven hours; this is because the body repairs itself during sleep and if not taken full time sleep, hormones also worsen and Affects the bones and the bones begin to soften.

If the bones become soft, the risk of fracture is increased in women.

It is worth mentioning that thousands of women in this study took special bone scans called Bone Mineral Density Test.

The lack of sleep not only affects the bones but can also lead to obesity, blood pressure and heart diseases, scientists said.

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