What are the common traits of highly intelligent people ?

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people ?

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people ? Most common traits of people falling in the 140+ range:

  • You can easily detect fallacies in other people’s reasoning, and can provide sound, compelling arguments for your ideas.
  • You understand that money is underrated.
  • You understand that social life is overrated.
  • If you born in a low-income, poorly educated family, you have probably developed mental issues by the time you reach adulthood.
  • If you born in a high-income, highly educated family you have probably fulfilled your potential and obtained a 100k+ STEM job by the time you turn 40.
  • You have an extreme hunger for knowledge and need of intellectual stimulus. If your environment is not able to provide it, you experience severe suffering and depression.
  • You are damn good at maths.
  • You are very good at making excuses for staying home to study instead of hanging out with friends.
  • Between 10–15 years old you figured out how hard it was to communicate your thoughts to people of average intelligence. You do not blame them for that but you stop looking for “meaningful” conversations with most folks.
  • Since your smarts imply loneliness, you intuitively attach more importance to the depth of relationships instead of their number.
  • We Understand that love, in any form, is the single most important thing in life.
  • We Learn more quickly and speak multiple languages fluently.
  • We Realize how ignorant you are in spite of your excellent academic results.
  • We Realize how unfair life is sooner than most people.
  • We Spent most of your childhood wondering what the hell was wrong with you.
  • We Read 50+ books per year.
  • We Realize how screwed up society and politics are.
  • We Focus mostly on yourself.
  • We Ultimately realize that intelligence is a double-edged sword.



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