Sucide Bomber Attacks in Afghanistan on Wedding Reception 63 People Killed

Sucide Bomber Attacks in Afghanistan on Wedding Reception 63 People Killed

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KABUL: A suicide bomber killed 63 people and injured 182 at a packed wedding reception in Afghanistan’s capital on Saturday night, the Interior Ministry said, because of the ease of violence, despite hopes of a US military withdrawal agreement. There is no sign of being born.

The attack occurred when the Taliban and the United States were trying to negotiate a deal on the withdrawal of US forces.

The Taliban denied responsibility and condemned the explosion at a wedding hall in western Kabul in a minority Shiite neighborhood, which was full of people celebrating the wedding.

Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said Sunday that the dead included women and children.

But President Ashraf Ghani said the militants could not escape the “brutal” attack.

“The Taliban cannot excuse themselves from being accused of providing a platform for terrorists,” he said in a post on Twitter.

The blast came after a bomb attack on a mosque in Pakistan on Friday that killed a brother of Taliban leader Habibullah Akhundzada. No one claimed responsibility for the blast, which killed four people and injured around 20.

Social media images from the Kabul explosion show that the bodies were turned upside down between tables and chairs with blood stains on the carpet at the wedding hall.

Resident Mohammad Hassan reached the scene after the blast rocked the area.

“I saw a lot of women and children screaming and crying,” she said.

Wedding halls have become a big business in Kabul as Afghanistan’s economy is slowly growing and families are spending more on events. Now some of the city’s suburbs are lined with large, bright glowing halls.

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