Sikhs are Waiting to Open the Kartarpur Corridor

Sikhs are Waiting to Open the Kartarpur Corridor

| Sikhs are Waiting to Open the Kartarpur Corridor |

Kartarpur: A passenger that will allow Sikhs to travel from India to Pakistan can travel to the most sacred places of religion on Saturday, where thousands are expected to visit pilgrims for decades. Will disrupt

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will see the first group of pilgrims, and Prime Minister Imran Khan will welcome him at the shrine of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism in Kartarpur, just four kilometers from Pakistan.

The Kartarpur transit is a rare example of cooperation between the two countries. The deal will allow 5,000 visitors a day to cross a secure passage and bridge between the two countries, leading directly to Guru Nanak’s tomb.

“They are enthusiastic,” said Ramsh Singh Arora, a prominent member of the Kartarpur shrine on Thursday.

If you look at history, Sikh religion is based on Pakistan.

During the opening months, Pakistan employed hundreds of workers to relocate the shrine, including building a border immigration post and a bridge, and expanding the site’s foundations.

India has long been seeking such a passage from Pakistan, but years of diplomatic tensions have kept progress on the issue.

The inauguration is on November 12, just days before Guru Nanak’s 550th birthday, celebrated by millions of Sikhs around the world.

Kiran Deep Singh, a pilgrim, said, “For over 70 years, the pilgrims have not had a chance to cross, and now it is … just … it will be a really emotional moment.” From Malaysia

Others hoped that transit would help improve relations between the two countries after years of hostility.

“It should improve and I hope it improves. Certainly because goodwill is growing,” said Bhajan Singh Grewal, who is coming from Australia.

Sikh religion started in Lahore in the 15th century.

After the partition of India in 1947, millions of people fled to India, leaving an estimated 20,000 Sikhs in Pakistan, which gave birth to the largest migration in human history.

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