NEPRA Increases Electricity Prices By Rs1.82 Per Unit

NEPRA Increases Electricity Prices By Rs1.82 Per Unit

Read this article to know why NEPRA increases electricity prices by Rs1.82 per unit.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Tuesday announced an increase of Rs. 1.82 per unit in power tariffs, a decision has been made due to fuel price adjustments for September, 2019.

After hearing the arguments of the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) CPPA, NEPRA has requested to raise prices by Rs.2. 97 per unit.

During the hearing between CPPA and NEPRA, the power-purchase agency said that additional loadshedding would be required if power plants were not run on furnace oil.

The decision will put an additional burden of Rs 24 billion on electricity consumers – however, receipts will be made in November bills. Electricity prices will not apply to consumers of Electric.

A few days ago, Nepra had increased the electricity price by Rs 2.97 per unit for six units for September 2019, which was just one day before the JUI-F’s independence march, indicating that the economic merit order Due to lack of accurate data on. Power Plant.

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It was a public hearing on the monthly Fuel Price Adjustment chaired by Chairman NEPRA, Taseef H. Farooqi, while Vice Chairman / Member KP, Engineer Bahadur Khan, Member Sindh, Rafiq Ahmed Sheikh and Member Balochistan, Rehmatullah Baloch were also present.

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