Musharraf’s Complete Court Judgment

Musharraf’s Complete Court Judgment

Musharraf‘s Complete Court Judgment

High treason case: If found dead, the body of the offender will be dragged to D Chowk: Detailed judgment

The special court on Thursday announced a detailed verdict in the high treason case against Pervez Musharraf. Today Musharraf’s Complete Court Judgment given by the court and court ordered that if he was found dead, the body of the accused should be dragged to D Chowk, Islamabad and hanged for three days.

A three-member bench of the special court headed by Chief Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth of Peshawar announced its decision on Thursday. Of the three judges, Justice Seth and Justice Karim sentenced, while Justice Nazrullah Akbar wrote a dissenting note that the prosecution team could not prove a treason case, in the Musharraf’s Complete Court Judgment.

The ruling, which consists of 169 pages, states that the prosecution failed to effectively defend the case and provide sufficient evidence against the former Army chief. The court announced in its judgment that Pervez Musharraf was being sentenced to death on various matters.


The verdict states that the documents submitted to the court clearly stated that Musharraf had committed treason. It states that Pervez Musharraf was given an equal opportunity to defend his case, and the prosecutor requested that he be given maximum punishment for the offender in the treason case.

The decision states that uniformed officers are equally and fully involved in the actions and actions of the accused person.

“As a mandatory recompense of what has been observed, we condemn the accused as a criminal. Therefore, the offender will be hanged from his neck until he dies on every count.”

“We instruct law enforcement agencies to do their best to apprehend the fugitive / offender to ensure that he is punished according to the law and that if he is found dead, his body will be dragged. Be taken to KD Chowk, Islamabad, Pakistan and hanged. 03 days, “Read the detailed verdict.

“Indeed, this part of the judgment and its implementation is not appreciated anywhere, but since it is the first impressionable case and after the conviction of the offender, the death sentence is declared in his absence. So the sentence is likely to be executed and in the event of a death sentence, the procedure for the execution of Para 65 has been specified. ”

The special court also directed that the perpetrator can appeal the decision in the high court only after his arrest. The judges sentenced the security forces to arrest the culprit and execute the punishment he received.

The decision added that this is the first case of its kind in the history of Pakistan.

The verdict states that if the offender dies before being sentenced, then his body should be dragged to D Chowk and hanged.

The court also ruled that facilitators who helped Musharraf escape from the country should also be prosecuted.

The court also ordered that the decision be implemented at all costs.

Earlier, the special court had announced its summary judgment in the said case. Government and Armed Forces Pakistan expressed their displeasure over the decision. The government is trying to create unity and avoid confrontation in state institutions.

The high treason trial began in 2013 and lasted six years.



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