LAHORE: Kartarpur Corridor Sambrial Customs Lacks – A joint team of Customs Sialkot and Lahore Officers has provided insufficient staff, building, residential infrastructure and transport facilities to organize a large number of Sikh pilgrims and start trade on the Kartarpur transit with Sialkot Collectorate.

According to a recent report prepared by the customs authorities, the four-member team of the Customs visited the Kartarpur transit location where the document was available for meeting with the district administration and other concerned agencies working there. Happened.

Customs officials highlighted in their report that a large number of pilgrims are expected to arrive on a daily basis in Pakistan, so a similar number of staff will be required for regular customs. In the past, through a number of letters, Customs Sambrial sensitized the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) about human resource shortages.

The report said that the clerical force at present is 127 out of 165 approved force.

The report also highlights that at the time of the formation of this cliquite in 2000, the approved strength was 239 for a dry port, however, the collector has since undertaken a number of operational duties, including anti-smuggling operations.

The Gujranwala Division began controlling districts and numerous field formations, including one international airport, one, an additional dry port, two export processing zones, an international mail office and export-benefit units / firms.

Such as DTRE, Manufacturing Bond and SRO 492 (1/09 dated 13.06.2009.) Thus, the current working power places more burden, the report added, adding that the Collector and Kartarpur’s internal and external Humans will not be able to control the paths.

The report recommends the recruitment of additional staff, which includes one additional collector, two assistant collectors / deputy collectors, eight superintendents, 80 inspector operating officers, 16 drivers, 160 soldiers, eight head clerks, eight nabs, five super and five. Kick included.

The report highlighted that neither sufficient operational space has been allocated for the customs nor any offices are being constructed in this regard and it is recommended that the Customs be fully furnished, air-conditioned international industrial. Full facilities for standard office space will be required. There are 39,160 square feet to smooth this passage.

Customs officials said that in view of the volume of passengers, large-scale commercial activity is expected to start soon. This option cannot be ruled out that the Land Freight Unit (LFU) is required on the lines at Wagah border for cleaning commercial trucks and equipment in Kartarpur.

It was mentioned in the report that there is a great economic potential in Kartarpur for opening trade as the Sikh community all over the world has expressed a desire to make Kartarpur an industrial zone.

In this regard it is easy to know that a well-established dry port or clearance terminal will be needed to meet future trade needs in the region. , Officials said in their report that there is land in the adjoining areas of Kartarpur transit

Not only available but also available at very cheap rates, the report explains that the land acquired will be helpful in setting up a Land Freight Unit (LFU) for the Department, as well as the Wagah Border. It is like the land emanating in Lahore. , in the future.

The current LFU area in Lahore consists of 746 kanals and is planned to have a similar area to meet the needs of the future, officials said, adding that the survey team has identified LFU’s possible location in Kartarpur And accurately assessed the earth. Aspects of the clearance terminal not only for LFU but also for the construction of offices and warehouses.

In addition to information technology needs and other infrastructure needs, customs officials also highlighted the needs of vehicles.

The report states that for smooth operation of transit customs, transit customs will have to shuttle service between terminal and terminal for eight Toyota Hilux double cabins (2700 cc), four Toyota GLI (1300 cc). And two 24 seater coasters will be required. Accommodation

The Customs Officers report further highlights that the Kartarpur transit route is fast approaching and that there is a lack of manpower and finance resources in the collectorate to start customs work.

He indicated that all of the above requirements are timely.

The shortage of staff can be assessed by the fact that every part of MCC Sialkot has been provided with minimal staff. Accordingly, it is suggested that the following steps may be approved by the Board for smooth implementation of Kartarpur under the Stop Gap arrangements.

The report recommends that eight superintendents, 30 inspectors and 60 sepoys be transferred to the Customs Sambrial immediately from other field formations.

The amount of POL was added in the report that could allow a collector of 30 million to start a shuttle service for the crew from Colbert to Sambrial to Kartarpur as it is 106 km from the transit sambrial and Travel to both parties requires a POL which is Rs 250,000 per month.

Alternatively, it is suggested that administrative / operational control of Kartarpur transit can be given to MCC Prenatal Lahore till the completion of the above requirements as the subject is parallel to the corridor Lahore as it is from Sialkot.

In addition, MCC (P) has enough staff for transit management in Lahore.

However, when contacted, Sambrial collector Asif Abbas said he was fully equipped to regulate the arrival and trade of collectors. He informed, “Everything is available to the Sambrial Collector and this report is out of date.

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