Government Plans to Hire Experts in Ministries

Government Plans to Hire Experts in Ministries

| Government Plans to Hire Experts in Ministries |

ISLAMABAD: In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of the government, the government has decided to include the highly qualified professionals of the relevant fields in the federal ministries in the style of undersecretaries in the United States.

They will be officially called “technical advisors” and will be paid for a fixed term in the private sector according to market conditions. According to policy advice and expert opinion, they will be placed under federal secretaries and ministers.

One official said they would be placed on the Management Pay (MP) Scale or the Special Professional Pay Scale (SPPS), but would be practically Grade 23 officers, as there is a Grade 22 in a federal secretary.

He said this would be a copy of the US administration, where presidents bring their teams of technicians from all fields to deliver governmental vision and goals. And these specialists have been in office for most of the presidency.

The Prime Minister’s Assistant says that “technical advisors” will be placed on the first 15 ministries

He said those running the government believe that the current lodge of senior bureaucracy has been a key stumbling block in the government’s work.

Resistance expected

However, these proposals will face resistance from within the bureaucracy as some of the top officials privately call the “young super bureaucrats” confront the need to hire them and suggest that the current legal scheme There is no scope for such positions and business rules

When contacted by the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Institutional Reform and Simplicity, Dr Ishrat Hussain, he explained that the government has given priority to 15 federal ministries where ‘technical consultants’ will be appointed in the first phase. He confirmed that these advisers would be above the secretaries and below the ranks of the federal ministers.

Numerous issues and proposals come before the government from various constituencies, including those by federal secretaries, but get stuck and go through this process without quality input based on best market practices because the secretary doesn’t have to Be an expert in the field. At the same time, ministers are rarely experts in the relevant field as they come through the political process. Therefore, the technical adviser will implement the suggestions made by the secretary or the line ministry to guide the minister and ultimately help the cabinet reach informed decisions.

Dr. Hussain said that the salaries of the management posts (MP-1) are being improved to attract quality professionals. A Member of Parliament I advisor is now getting more than Rs.7700 per month.

He said the government has already hired a technical advisor in the Ministry of Education through a competitive process and will soon follow in the other 15 selected ministries.

In a summary presented to the Prime Minister by the Establishment Division, 15 ministers have been identified for “forming 15 positions of technical advisors”. These ministries and divisions are: Science and Technology, Finance, Electricity, Petroleum, Water Resources, Trade, Aviation, National Food Security, Industry and Production, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Climate Change, Maritime Affairs, Textile Industry and National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination.

“Because these ministries / divisions lack the requisite technical skills, they are more likely to hinder performance,” Sumrie noted, and argued that “as an immediate step to enhance their efficiency, Technical skills are required to be hired – market-based pay “for each of these ministries” with specific work to manage and oversee the affairs of the technical departments of these ministries and divisions.

In the light of the criteria for hiring technical advisors on the basis of consultation with the relevant administrative ministers, the Ministry of Finance and management services, the recruitment process against the proposed posts of consultants, which includes reference to a number of specific terms. Will process. Wing of the Establishment Division.

The Establishment Division has informed the Prime Minister that the Finance Division has already prepared a special professional pay scale (SPPS-I, II and III). Separately, the MP-I, II and III pay packages have also been upgraded. “Therefore, these technicians can be taken out of the market” on SPS or MPS.

The finance division has hired a group of professionals qualified for public-private partnership authority through a competitive selection process at SPPS with a monthly salary of Rs 2 to 35 lakh, an official said.

He said that a group of senior officers was prepared to challenge the appointment of technical advisers in the ministries, and, instead, to form a second level in the organizational structure, to seek the opinion of independent experts. Experts are proposing to create a pool.

“It’s a revolutionary idea, but business rules need to be amended,” he said. A former federal secretary said that technical advisers and secretaries who also serve as principal accounting officers in each division would be involved in the turf war.

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