FBR’s Action against 104 Benami Properties |

FBR’s Action against 104 Benami Properties |

FBR’s Benami Zones Action against 104 Benami Properties |

After the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strong instructions for actions against Benami Properties, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)’s separate zones created named Anti Benami Zones have started to gather information of peoples having Benami properties especially from the Provinces, Development Authorities, and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration.

Senior employees of theses departments have been given complete information and knowledge regarding the handling of these type of cases. They have been trained for identification and reporting of such properties.

FBR Anti Benami Directorate is currently investigating 79 Beneficial Owners having 104 Benami properties, out of which 58 are located in Karachi, 18 in Lahore and 28 in Islamabad.

Summons have already been issued to those buyers and sellers of such benami properties. Such Properties have worth Rs 4 billion including bank accounts, shares and land in 15 cases have already been attached in tax cases against them.

It must be remembered that one property out of the above mentioned 15 cases, involving 7,128 Kanals of land having worth of Rs 700 million was attached. Reference in this case is pending for adjudication in the Court.

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