Experts have Discovered the Main Cause of Baldness

Experts have Discovered the Main Cause of Baldness

South Korean medical experts discovered main cause of baldness. Check out this article to know what are the major aspects  that disturb your hair growth.

Seoul: South Korean medical experts say that long-term work is a guarantee of success, but it does cause major harm to male gentlemen.

According to the details, experts from Sang Qian Quan University investigated men’s hair loss or baldness, during which more than 13,000 men’s data were collected.

According to experts, men who work 52 hours a week or longer are twice as likely to become bald.

Professor Kyung-hoon, the head of the study committee, said that “overwork causes a person to suffer from stress and anxiety which results in adverse effects on his skull hormones.”

They said that as a result of adverse effects, not only does hair grow, but it also causes hair loss.

Remember, even in earlier studies, experts have proven that the cause of baldness is mental stress as it weakens the immune system and causes hair loss.


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