Deontay Wilder reveals his daily diet – The breakfast of champions!

Deontay Wilder reveals his daily diet – The breakfast of champions!

| Deontay Wilder reveals his daily diet |

Donte Wilder has revealed that he will be joining Pancakes, T-Bone’s Big Steaks and Egg McMuffins on a daily basis as he prepares for a rematch with Louis Ortiz.

The Bronze Bomber defeated Ortiz in 2018 after the 10th round TKO and will face him for the second time as he defends his WBC Heavyweight title for the 10th time at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this week. ۔

And on reaching Makari, Wilder revealed that he needs to eat six meals a day, as well as two protein shakes, as he intends to take part in the fight.

‘I eat good breakfast for pancakes, Polish sausage, patty sausage and some good eggs,’ he told

‘In the morning I will eat eggs McMuffins and they will roam around with them at breakfast.

‘I returned at eleven o’clock in the morning, I ate a nice alfredo chicken pasta with corn in the herd, maybe some good bread from garlic as well as toasted with a protein shake. I’ll also have a protein shake with breakfast in the morning.

‘There will be a sandwich at 2pm, you know, ham and cheese, maybe tuna, with two boiled eggs. At 5pm [dinner] I will include salsberry steak, mashed potatoes and green beans and I eat a lot of red potatoes. I eat a lot of money

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‘And then at 7.30pm, I have a nice T-bone steak, some more red potatoes, we can have some squash and some green beans.’

The 34-year-old admits he is not a ‘morning man at all’ and, despite his huge diet, is not fond of eating.

He continued: ‘Every day is different, it has different food. But it mostly sums it up.

‘They just feed me, I eat it! My stomach can sometimes be so thick that I have to rub it for hours. I’m not a big eater!

‘I’m not the one who enjoys eating so much – I’m a pizza person. Give me a pizza and a Pepsi and I can adjust! ‘

If Wilder defeats Artes later this weekend, he will re-arrange a mouth-watering match with Tyson Fury with a proposed date of February 22, 2020.


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