Bride Calls Off Marriage Due to Groom Dance

Bride Calls Off Marriage Due to Groom Dance

| Bride Calls Off Marriage Due to Groom Dance |

New Delhi: The bride has refused marriage for the last time after watching the groom’s dance in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to Indian media reports, the wedding ceremony was taking place in Bareilly area of ​​Uttar Pradesh state. At the same time the bride started the dance, expressing happiness after giving the bride a necklace (Vermala).

According to the report, the bride started a Nagan dance to express her happiness, and the bride declared her inappropriate behavior and refused to marry at the same time.

The bride became furious after hearing the bride’s refusal, and received a loud slap on the girl’s mouth, after which the two sides were so handcuffed that they had to intervene to disperse the police.

Talking to the media, the bride’s brother said that the bride’s behavior at the ceremony was inappropriate, whatever happened during the ceremony was not acceptable, relatives and community elders pressured after the sister denied. We preferred to stand with the sister.

Police Officer Vipin Singh said that we received reports of deterioration in the marriage situation, after which the matter was settled by sending the bride there. The bride wrote in writing that she would return the dowry goods by November 14.

| Bride Calls Off Marriage Due to Groom Dance |

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