Biography of Dr Zafar Mirza

Biography of Dr Zafar Mirza

Profile / Biography of Dr Zafar Mirza Special Assistant to PM Imran Khan

Dr Zafar Mirza is a well known Dr Zafar Mirza is a Pakistani who is currently serving as a Special Assistant for Health to the PM Imran Khan. He joined to PM Imran Khan cabinet in 2019.

Dr Zafar Mirza is director of Health System Development in the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Regional Office. By profession he is qualified medical doctor and having MBBS degree. He completed his post graduation degree in Public Health in Developing Countries from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

He also served to WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, for many years on many different positions. Dr Zafar has a vast list of working with World Health Organization on different major positions with different responsibilities.

Dr Zafar Mirza also a founder Executive Director of a civil society named ‘The Network for Consumer Protection in Pakistan’. He has vast experience of public & private health sectors.



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